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Pocci Catalog January 2021

the guide to the guitarist's modern and contemporary repertoire   - 36th anniversary 1986-2021
catalog for guitar solo, guitar in chamber music, and guitar with orchestra

Compiled and edited by Vincenzo Pocci
The publication provides essential information of some 62,200
titles composed since 1900.
Include the references of:
- 9,230 composers,
- 38,150 compositions for guitar solo,
- 24,050 chamber works with guitar,
- 1,820 publishers,
- 2,080 anthologies, collections and albums of guitar music.

free download  in PDF format

- Catalog arranged by author

- Catalog arranged by performance medium (guitar solo, guitars ensemble, guitar with other instruments, voice[s] and guitar, orchestra with guitar[s], etc.)

- Addendum 1: Anthologies, album and collection of guitar music

- Addendum 2: Collection of composers profiles

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#  Pocci Catalog January 2021 is also available as Database onLine. Click here to free access



Catalog of Female Composers (Wichmann)

recompiled from the Pocci Catalog by Jannis Wichmann

- Catalog arranged by author  free download  in PDF format




the repertoire for guitar (lute) in chamber music and with orchestra / updated August 2014

ABEMUSIC is an extensive compilation by Abel Nagytothy-Toth of over 41,500 compositions of the repertoire for the guitar (lute) in chamber music and with orchestra.
Updated August 2014

Not included are the followings: guitar (lute) solo and duo or trio, between only guitars (lutes), also voice with only guitar (lute) accompaniment.

No critical evaluation whatsoever is undertaken.
No distinction is made between an original and an adapted version for the guitar. It is intended as a practical tool. Some errors or omissions are possible, and may be corrected in subsequent versions.

Author's disclaimer: It is my interest to keep the content of ABEMUSIC accurate, current, and complete; however, I cannot guarantee any of the above.

The database uses the software WORKS (any version). This program is a commercial product of Microsoft not distributed here.
WORKS vers.3
can be free downloaded in Internet. Higher versions must be purchased (at low cost).

Click here to free download Abemusic in Works

Click here to free download Abemusic in PDF format



Enciclopedia de la Guitarra

Enciclopedia (tercera edicion 2006) y Suplemento (2011) by Francisco Herrera (in spanish language)
Biographies, Dances, History, Organology, Technique.
Edited by Mariel Weber and Vincenzo Pocci.

Click here to download the Enciclopedia (tercera edicion 2006) + Suplemento (2011)  free download

#  The Enciclopedia de la Guitarra is available also printed on paper published by Piles, Editorial de Musica S.A. To purchase the paper books contact PILES, Editorial de Musica S.A., Archena 33,  46014 VALENCIA (Spain), Tel: +34 963704027, Fax: +34 963704964,  Email:info@pilesmusic.com or visit www.pilesmusic.com.