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Andrey Shilov

Old Russian Romances arranged for guitar
15 Old Russian Romances arranged for guitar by the Ukranian guitarist-composer. 

1. Shine, Shine My Star by Anonym
2. Listen, If You Want by N.Shishkin
3. Chrisanthemum by N.Haryto
4. No, It's Not You Whom I Love So Fervently by A.Shishkin
5. Do Not Go Away From Me by A.Varlamov
6. Do Not Go by N.Zubov
7. Mysty Morning by V.Abaza
8. Wicket-Gate by A.Obukhov
9. White Acacia by Anonym
10. Old Waltz by K.Listov
11. I'm Not Telling You... by Anonym
12. By The Fireplace by P.Batorin
13. Kiss Me, My Sweetheart by A.Dubuk
14. Rendezvous by P.Bulakhov
Bright Night by N.Shishkin

 Andrey Shilov, Dnietropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2005

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