Dmitry Milovanov

guitarist, teacher  

Lyubov Milovanova, principal of Consonance

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Composition for guitar by Dmitry Milovanov

Compositions for guitar by Idiatulla Nigamatov 
(Dmitry's teacher, born in  Boevka, region Sverdlovsk, 1948). 


Dmitry Milovanov, Russian guitarist and a teacher. He was born in 1970 in Kamensk-Uralsky (100 km from Ekaterinburg). 

He began studying the guitar at the age of twelve with the well-known teacher Idiatulla Nigamatov (1948).

Starting in July 1988 until May 1990 he served in the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union; during the last seven months of the military service he was in an ensemble of songs and dance of a Far East Military District in Khabarovsk, where he played the guitar. 

In 1991-1995 he studied at the Chelyabinsk Musical College, his teacher was a well known Russian guitarist, composer and teacher Viktor Kozlov.

Dmitry Milovanov has participated in many Russian and international guitar festivals. At the present he teaches in Children's Musical School in Kamensk-Uralsky. Some of his students have become winners of Russian competitions. He has carried out master-classes in several cities of Russia under the theme: "The guitar articulation".

Dmitry Milovanov has composed several pieces for guitar, some of them were published as musical supplement in April 1992 and June 1996 in "Classical Guitar" magazine.

At present he directs the publication of the new collection "The Guitar in Russia" of original guitar works written by Russian composers. Publishing house VP Music Media

Dmitry plays in the guitar orchestra Consonance, a children's chamber ensemble in which his wife Lyubov Milovanova is a principal. This Chamber Guitar Orchestra, in which only two teachers play in it (Dmitry and his wife Lyubov Milovanova), was invited to open the International Guitar Festival in Chelyabinsk (March 2000). 

Other important performances of Consonance in: 
Chelyabinsk (The hall of Chamber and Organ music, October 2000); 
Kazan (The hall of M.Gorky museum, October 2000); 
Kazan (The Cultural center of  the Ministry of Internal  Affairs of Republic Tatarstan, April 2001);
Ekaterinburg (Days of Kamensk-Uralsky culture in Ekaterinburg, April 2001);
Kamensk-Uralsky (Interbranch Industrial Exhibition-Fair "Industrial Ural - step to XXI centuries", June 2001);
Kamensk-Uralsky (All-Russia youthful philatelic Exhibition "Youth - to Kamensk ", July 2001);
Ekaterinburg (Variety Theatre, April 2002);
Chelyabinsk (Opening of the International Guitar Festival "Classical guitar on the Urals", October 2002).

From November 2002 Consonance exists as guitar quartet.
Important performances of quartet Consonance:
Perm, Concert on the First City open guitar competition "Priority-2003" (March 2003)
Kazan, Hall of the Kazan's musical college (April 2003)

In October 2001 Lyubov and Dmitry Milovanovs as the organizers of Consonance were awarded by the prestigious city premium "Bravo".

Concerts of Consonance in the series of concerts of a Sverdlovsk
state academic philharmonic:
Kamensk-Uralsky, City concert hall, Series "Russian line", October 2001
Asbest, City concert hall, Series "My island - guitar", November 2001
Ekaterinburg, Great Hall,  Series "My island - guitar", March 2002
Ekaterinburg,  Ural state university, March 2002

CD published

Chamber Guitar Orchestra 'Consonance'
Mozart – A Little Night Music
Vivaldi – Concerto in C
Grieg - Anitra's Dance
Schubert – Barcarola
Granados – Oriental
De Falla – Dance from "La Vida Breve"
Kozlov – Round Dance
Russian Folk Song – "It was beyond the river"
Poplyanova – Fairy’s Lullaby
Poplyanova – Milonga
Ukrainian Folk Song – "Schedrik"
Britten – Canon
Bizet – Entracte from "Carmen"
Kleynjans – Mirage
Kharisov – Little Suite

Guitar Quartet Consonance
Attaignant – Suite of Renaissance Dances
Moreno-Torroba – Estampas
Dojcinovic - Dance of the Spindles
Dojcinovic – Dance of the Beans
Leach – Willow. Suite in four parts
Rak – Rumba

"Consonance - is one of the most able student guitar groups you'll hear anywhere in the world"
Paul Fowles "Classical Guitar" magazine, June 2002 (Great Britain)

“… such orchestra is worth professional stages not only in Russia but also abroad.” 
Anatoliy Olshanskiy, (Austria)

“… I heard many guitar bands but this is the first time that realy they play like one”
Uros Dojcinovic (Yugoslavia)

“… it is clear that there is a good conductor and brilliant musicians” 
Sergey Ilyin (Russia)

“… very impressive dynamics. There’s no such an ensemble in Israel. Congratulation!”
Israel Rashkovsky (Israel)

"... Good heavens! I have just received the preliminary release by Consonance called Guitar Quartet. Featuring my suite, Willow, I must say they have done a marvelous job. To have my name sandwiched between the likes of Pierre Attaignant, Federico Moreno-Torroba, Uros Dojcinovic and Stephan Rak (check out his Rumba at the end - wow!) is really wonderful. Consonance really are up their with best of them. Consonance will hopefully be recording my other work for guitar, called Henrietta Lacks at the end of this year. Can't wait to hear it! ..."
Rohan Leach (Great Britain)

"... Consonance have now officially released their album, featuring 'Willow'. It really is an excellent album and well worth listening to ..."
Rohan Leach (Great Britain)