Guitarist, Musicologist, Composer


Some criticism about Edmar

 From: Boston Classical Guitar Society by the critic and guitar player Bob Phillipps

…”I have particularly enjoyed playing from 20th Century: Edmar Fenício, Garoto, David Leisner, Villa Lobos and some others”


From: Les Cahiers de la Guitare

...“This beautiful group of works introduces us to this interesting guitarist/composer”


From:  Les Cahiers de la Guitare about “Baiãozinho”:

...”dreamy, unfolding with two voices over an exquisite rhythm…delightful and accessible”


From: Les Cahiers de la Guitare about “Suite de Homenagens”

...“full of freshness....simple and natural musical beauty”


From:  Les Cahiers de la Guitare about “Four Romantic Waltzes”

...“These pieces shows a deep understanding of melody and harmony” 


FromSoundboard Magazine same Waltzes by Davis Grimes

”Jazz harmonies, pop influences, graceful melodies and a relaxed, easy sensuality “


From:  Classical Guitar Magazine about São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro by Steve Marsh

...“Very attractive; it is in the form of a samba and has a lovely relaxed fell to it… I did like it and would recommend it”

Edmar Fenício is a composer, musicologist and guitar player from Brazil. He was born in Poços de Caldas city on June 12, 1939. So young, he goes after with your family to São Paulo and began this first guitar studies with Isaias Savio, which well prepared him to the future. In 1964 he was invited to participate at Song’s Festival to take place in Laranjal city, the public acclaim all over your popular song and he was winner. Three years later he completes your music course at “Foundation of Arts” at São Caetano do Sul, a neighbor city of São Paulo. In 1974 Fenício was juror at “Guitar Competitions” promoted by journal “Folha de São Paulo” under direction of maestro Isaias Savio and others guest teachers. This competition further came to disclose a dozens of young and goods guitar players.

To enrich and broaden his musical vein over the field of composition, he has studied the matters: Analysis, Esthetic and Compositions with the renowned composer and maestro Guido Santorsola from Uruguay. After this, he wants take up again Harmonic material, and returns his studies with maestro Leo Perachi while taught at Conservatory him. By the way, maestro Leo Perachi had been a solid friendship with the celebrated musician Antonio Carlos Jobin; Leo so much helps Jobin in many orchestrations of yours unforgettable songs.

In 1978 Fenício at last conclude yours studies of: History of Music with the remarkable maestro Walter Lourenção which has gotten him a program at local TV, where the main focus will be exclusively directed to the guitar. Years ago he thinks fit grow rich and to better yours knowledge, he attends lessons from: Social Psychology at University of São Paulo (USP).

As a guitarist he was walking for many events, night clubs and theaters room in São Paulo since 1962. As composer, beyond printed works that are world wide knows, have a big lot of unpublished scores for guitar solo, duets, as well as a Quartet for guitar and chords and also a little Concert  for Guitar and Chords Orchestra.  

Some artists have engraved Fenício’s songs. The guitar player Davies Joaquin from Montreal played Fenício’s songs in concerts tour over the world, and he records in1997: Memorias de Chiquinha, from album” BRASILIDADE” 

The critic Arthur Kaptainis at the “The Gazette” said: Tone, whether warm or tangy, is manipulated to good effect in Edmar Fenicio.”

In meantime another guitarist by name Kristo Kao from Romania also records the song “Memórias de Chiquinha” and as well as, a guitar player from Toquio by name Kato Kazuji records the same song up described. The Brazilian guitarist Marco Pereira also has recorded: “Choro Melancólico”. The Mexican guitarist Sergio Medina it has in your repertory Four Romantic Waltz which he plays in yours tours. He has played on a ten string guitar.

His goal in present days is to rescue the scores of Brazilian early guitar composers yet starting with João Pernambuco, and the searching on the folklore of South America.